Consciousness Cruise – May 2012

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C O N S C I O U S N E S S C R U I S E – M E X I C A N R I V I E R A

Come join us!

May 20th – 27th, 2012

Astronaut/Physicist, Dr. Edgar Mitchell, experienced his space epiphany and showed the world what was possible in the realm of Consciousness. Since then the Institute of Noetic Sciences has applied rigorous research to exploring those frontiers.  Be part of  seven glorious days of a health adventure – rejuvenating, healing, sharing, and enjoying the beauty, inspiration, and fun of making life-long friends of kindred spirits.

Our signature format is inviting cruise attendees to bring their best to the circle and give presentations on their passions and expertise. It has been amazing! Then we all get to participate, learn from each other, and offer a forum where members and luminaries alike get to present.

This time we will have a veritable smorgasbord of powerful alternative healing technologies which will be presented, with demonstrations and interviews. We will have a wonderful week for exploring, sharing and discovering our most valuable and available health practices and the miraculous technologies being developed to activate our self-healing properties.





Join us as we sail out of Long Beach, CA on Carnival Splendor to Puerto Vallarta and Cabo San Lucas on the Mexican Riviera

Sail Dates: May 20-27, 2012

All prices include taxes, tips and gratuities, government fees, cruise fare, staterooms, food, and conference fees. All prices are based on double occupancy. Alcohol, gambling, and shore excursions are up to you.

Prices start at: Inside Cabin: $783 per person Ocean View: $883 per person Balcony: $1043 per person

All deposits of $250 per person are 100% refundable if cancelled before March 6, 2012

For details and information, contact Tahdi at 818-888-6004 or email
For reservations contact Helen Brahms at 818-528-8300 or email



Come join these other wonderful kindred spirits, tap into the new Consciousness, email us if you want to make a presentation and add your intentions to the Great Shift.

Our Itinerary is L.A. to Puerto Vallarta, and Cabo san Lucas with our usual program of wonderful presentations from people all over the world who bring their different passions and expertise together. These presentations are put in a chart which you receive on your email through Survey Monkey, vote on and prioritize through filling out our Survey…one last remaining democracy!  Our theme this time will be on healing bodies, spirits (Chi) and beyond…With the technologies and tools we’ll be discussing and have available, who knows what miracles may abound?

We will also be introducing some wonderful surprises which our collection of people will be bringing together. Besides the presentations we will be sharing, we will also have private appointments available for people to personalize and take advantage for their own lives and concerns the technologies coming together.  So… Bring your friends and…
Get ready to enjoy, expand and deepen together, and learn about exciting and powerful cutting edge information in our luxurious floating conference center with conscious and kindred spirits – all surrounded by such amazing peace and beauty!!

We just think we cruise for revelry and food, dancing in moonlit nights and sun-basking through sunny days. There is that, but so much more for those on the Consciousness path.  Always we have the exploration of our extended human capacities that IONS researches for us so brilliantly, and always such deep sharing when we get together. And always our Higher Selves are aware and awakening us to so much more.

Dr. Shui Yin Lo will bring us the meditation exercises, ChiKung healing circles, and latest in scientific research. (See him on the cover of “Quantum Health.”) Lynn Kenny will blow our minds with the capabilities of the Beam Ray, Dr. Royal Raymond Rife’s legacy of the miracle Light and sound frequency technology; Don Estes’ will give his 30 years of research that helps us connect to our Potential Selves; and Jai will premier a game to search for and discover the Meaning that defines why we are here and charts courses for where our lives might long to lead us.



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