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I am a 4th generation San Franciscan who got interested in Noetics on the 2008 Cruise to Alaska. Matthew Fox was the key note speaker of the dozens that made presentations. It was so exciting to be bombarded by so many intelligent people who were so progressive in the area of consciousness, health and enlightenment.

At the IONS convention in SF in the summer of 2010, many people expressed a desire to see a community group in San Francisco so Renita Herrmann and I agreed to get things off the ground. So far we  have had meetings, mostly every month and usually at Renita’s house but also some at the All Season’s restaurant. We have had some great speakers and our members also have a lot to contribute.

My particular focus is on things like The Shift, (what it means and when will it come; or is it happening right now; probably yes, in my opinion),  living a more filling and deeper life, and becoming more involved with like minded people. According to some Noetic experts, we don’t have to win over everyone on the planet to the point of view that we and all living things are interrelated and that we are not occupiers of this planet, we are its guardians charged with the responsibility to care and protect it for all living creatures and future generations; we just need to reach enough people to reach the tipping point. I felt that groups like IONS are the most personal and effective ways of doing this; grass roots involvement.

Some basic facts are that I am a San Francisco resident, nearing 60 years of age, my day job is personal injury lawyer, my hobbies are reading, exercising (usually brisk walks), getting out into nature and camping and exploring remote areas mainly in California and western Nevada, mediation (a little bit) photography, drawing and writing (actually more like journaling :-)

I look forward to sharing experiences with other members of our group and enjoying the journey as we move forward in the very exciting time (in the history of evolution/mankind).

Nelson Barry
cell 415-518-0075


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