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A member of IONS for decades, and an attendee of the conferences, I am thrilled to be part of the San Francisco IONS group. I look for the truth in many things, and this group helps me explore what that means. We are a community that comes together to discuss and socialize, in what ever area that takes our fancy, led by the group. As a new group, there are opportunities for members to help decide where the focus will be for the next meetings. I have made many new friends, and value their extensive knowledge.  Being so very close to headquarters, we feel particularly privileged in being able to attend many functions hosted at the retreat.

Having a career in aviation, Edgar Mitchell was a wonderful image and icon of what I felt was the pinnacle of the field. I carried the IONS magazines into the cockpit and shared them with my crew. I read many of the books reviewed, and the research and news provided held my interest often. A 35 year resident of San Francisco, I treasure the area and make use of our incredible commons often. I hope we eventually branch out to a few outdoor activities from our Sunday evening meetings.


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